Testimonial from the Start ups

Keith Ferrazi -   Yoi             (FUNDED)

Keith Ferrazi -Yoi        (FUNDED)

"Daniel Jang is a force of nature and I would highly recommend attending one of his events as either founder or funder. The quality on both sides is well curated and the generosity of spirit is evident. I thought I already knew pretty much everyone on the funders side but I was happily surprised by a great set of new relationships. Two thumbs up!"


"This is a quick way to connect with a lot of people. One of the funders at the last event invested within 2weeks, and is providing us much more than just money."
Jiake Liu    -ProspectWise

Jiake Liu -ProspectWise

"High energy, fast-paced pitches and great networking event. Recommended for early stage startups and investors alike!"
Kate Edwards    -HeartBeat

Kate Edwards -HeartBeat

"Real investors actually attend FMF events - it's one of the only events where they are eager to meet companies and hear you pitch. Definitely worthwhile!"
Vanessa Ronan  -  Decorator

Vanessa Ronan -Decorator

"I love how FMF makes it easy to meet local investors. Through pitching, speed networking, and Danny's intros, I've made long-term connections and had great follow-up meetings. FMF events are fun too!"