Founder Meet Funder focuses on supporting entrepreneur growth by connecting start ups with mentors, influencers and investors within the community. A special social sphere is created due to the culture and diversity of experience brought along the way to encourage everyone to help one other's business growth. Our events are very unique and meaningful compare to other Los Angeles startup events.

We only invite exceptional founders who are building amazing companies. Identifying smart and scrappy entrepreneurs who are adapting to changing markets, disrupting established business models, and creating products that matter. We focus connecting pre-seed and seed stage startups with angel Investors. The Vetting process is a important factor in how we process companies and deal flows to our investors.

Our goal is to identify disruptive early stage startups with high growth opportunity and connect them with strategic investors.




"Startup Investing means investing in ideas, entrepreneurs, and innovation. It means changing the way the world works. Great ideas need Funding from influencers to innovate."